Interactive Console

Important: OpenJDK Linux Update

OpenJDK WebStart does not work with native jars. So you will get “UnsatisfiedLinkError: no lwjgl in java.library.path”. Workarounds: you can install a different Java distribution or compile and run the project from source.


Simple3D Console is a Web Start application that can be used to run engine examples without installing or configuring anything. You can find 3D examples in “Examples”->”Engine”. Select one and hit the Run button. Press Enter to capture the mouse, and activate WSAD controls.

The total download size is about 10Mb. This includes Scala 2.9.1 library and compiler, LWJGL, and the Simplex3D Engine.


Web Start Notes

If the console crashes during startup, then you need to clear the cache. To do that, go to
“Java Control Panel”->”Temporary Internet Files”->”View”