Getting Started

If you are curious about the engine and want to quickly try some examples, then use the console (no installation required).

When you want to get more involved, download a release, or get the latest sources from the SVN:

svn checkout Simplex3d

Compiling and Running Examples

Simplex3d Project is using a single SBT build script to manage all of its sub-projects. After installing SBT, cd into the directory you used to checkout the sources and start SBT.

To compile, execute the following command in the SBT shell:

;project root;compile

You can run examples as follows:

;project engine-example; run-main simplex3d.example.engine.DynamicTexture

Library Management

Eventually the project will be added to the standard repositories, but for now you can publish it into the local ivy repository using the following SBT command:

;project root;publish-local

Now you can declare simplex3d libraries as ivy depenencies in your project. If you are using SBT, you can add the following line to your settings:

libraryDependencies += "org.simplex3d" %% "simplex3d-engine-default" %"0.3-SNAPSHOT"

This way you only include the top level jar, which will pull the rest of the libraries as dependencies.


The doc projects are tied into the root-doc project, simply execute this command in SBT:

;project root-doc;doc

Look for documentation in the following locations for engine 0.3:

  • Simplex3d/target/math/doc/scala-2.9.1/api/index.html
  • Simplex3d/target/data/doc/scala-2.9.1/api/index.html
  • Simplex3d/target/algorithm/doc/scala-2.9.1/api/index.html
  • Simplex3d/target/engine/doc/scala-2.9.1/api/index.html

Note: code from SVN was updated to use scala-2.9.2.

Consider looking at Readme.txt, located at Simplex3d/project/Readme.txt for the most up-to-date information.