Simplex3D Engine 0.3 has been released. The usable components are the Engine Core, Input System, Scene Graph, and Technique Manager. You can now create simple scenes and experiment with writing shaders.

Below is a detailed list of featues followed by a release roadmap.


  • Supporting Libraries
    • Vector Math DSL
    • Data Binding API
    • Additional texture formats: completed RGB and RGBA
    • Intersection: completed AABB intersection and ray picking, pending more intersection algorithms
    • Shapes: implented quads and boxes, pending more shapes
    • Font rendering: pending
    • Particle effects: pending
    • Terrain generator: pending
  • Engine Core
    • State tracking
    • Release of GL resources on garbage collection
    • Attribute binding
    • Texture binding: completed 2d textures, pending 1d, 3d, cube, and shadow textures
    • Shader binding
    • Shader variable binding
    • Mesh modes: completed triangles, lines and points, pending tirangle stripes and point sprites
    • Transparency support: pending
    • Custom depth test and depth write support: pending
  • Scenegraph
    • Environment propagation
    • Bounding volumes: completed bounding boxes, pending bounding spheres
    • Frustum culling
    • Controllers
    • Model animation: pending
    • Nodes: completed basic node, pending instancing node, portals, and LOD nodes
    • Skybox: pending, requires cube textures
    • Serialization: pending
    • Multithreaded parsing
    • Debugging utils: pending
  • Technique Manager
    • Pluggable user defined techniques
    • Dynamic shader lookup
    • Uniform binding
    • Resizable uniform array binding
    • Conditional shaders: pending
  • Renderer (collection of pluggable techniques)
    • Transformation
    • Lighting: pending.
    • Fog: pending.
    • Texturing: partially completed
    • Bumpmapping: pending
    • Environmental maps: pending
    • Shadows: pending, requires Pass Manager
    • Reflection: pending, requires Pass Manager
    • Water: pending, requires Pass Manager
  • Pass Manager: pending
  • Resource Manager
    • Texture loading: functional 2d texture loading, pending caching and other formats
    • Model loading: pending collada loader
  • Input
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse: mostly completed, pending mouse left/entered the window
    • Game controller: pending
  • Sound: pending


The next release version 0.4 is pending the following features:

  • All unfinished features in Technique Manager
  • Basic renderer with Fog and Lighting

Version 0.5 is planned to have the following features:

  • Cube Textures
  • Skybox
  • Texture caching
  • Collada model loading and caching

Version 0.6:

  • Collada animation
  • Bumpmapping and environmental reflection